Coffee oils are water-soluble and this is good because otherwise, it’d be hard to extract the oils from the bean.

However, this is a problem when it comes to pre-ground coffee. You see, when ground coffee has been exposed to moisture in the environment, those oils will immediately start to be diluted. Also, once the shell of the whole coffee bean has been cracked open, oxygen will reach it and it will lose up to 60% of its aroma and flavour.

You don’t have to worry about this, because where there’s a problem, you can usually find a solution. The solution to this would be to avoid using pre-ground coffee and always grind your coffee right before you brew it. By following this golden rule, you’ll always be able to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

If you have been living on pre-ground coffee, it’s time to step outside and try the other method – whole coffee beans. Of course, you’ll need a good coffee grinder to grind the beans up for you. After quite some time of reading about different coffee grinders on the market, I discovered Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder and today, we’re here to tell you what we know about it …

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The Breville Smart Grinder Pro Review – The New Kid On The Block

I can understand all the grinder makers and producers how they are feeling right now, because the damn future just walked in the lives of all coffee lovers and baristi: the Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

Bellow in my review I’ll give some information about this amazing new grinder and about the:

  • Breville Smart Grinder Pro Grind Settings
  • Grind Consistency
  • The Extra Features of Breville Smart Grinder Pro
  • Its Motor Power
  • The Price of Breville Smart Grinder Pro


Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro is a machine that tries to cover all uses and features from all other home-use grinders in the market. It offers more grind settings than any other, giving you supreme control.

There are also a number of clever features to make the whole coffee beans grinding process fast and simple.

Dose IQ allows you to program your favourite grind and then quickly change the number of servings. You can still do a quick grind and the machine will record the dose time for future batches.

The hopper can be removed to swap out coffee beans without any mess and to give you access to the burrs.

Additionally, it comes with a sealable grounds’ container and two portafilter holders.

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Review: Breville Smart Grinder Pro

The Smart Grinder Pro is the third model in Breville’s grinder series.

This model includes all the features and functions the older Breville Grinders have and also provides all features and functions other grinder brands forgot to include.

Compare it to industry leaders like Baratza and Rancilio, the Pro offers a wider variety of grind settings and intuitive features for an unbelievable price.

This grinder is meant to be the “be all” and “do all” in home-use grinders.

Whether you are just starting out or have been long time a coffee lover and specialist, the Pro is a good choice for you.

Its uncomplicated controls make navigating the overwhelming number of options a breeze and the numerous smart features will impress even the pickiest brewer.

An Huge Number of Grind Settings

There is a total of 60 different grind settings that you can choose from.

Also, on the box, the Smart Grinder Pro writes that it has 60 grind settings to impress the coffee lovers and buyers, which this alone is a lot. And I love it!!!

These many settings allow the Pro to grind everything is needed for a coffee fanatic, and with this way, you will be able to prepare any coffee you like, from the finest espresso you can think of to the courses French Press grind out there.

Of course, there is plenty of room for finer tuning too.

Finding the right grind for your taste often takes some experimentation and this is the meaning of perfect coffee.

The Pro splits its massive number of settings into four categories of settings:

  • press
  • percolator
  • drip and
  • espresso

Most of the options are perfect and most: in the espresso and drip categories.

Dragging a wonderful shot of espresso or achieving the best pour-over is a trick that stumps even the coffee experts from time to time.

Perfecting both of these brew methods requires more flexibility than most grinders can keep up with.

Each brew method is sensitive to very tiny changes in process, and the first step is always the grind. Getting this right, will put you on the delicious road to aromatic and tasty coffee.

Grinding the Coffee Beans: You can grind directly into a grind container, the portafilter, paper filter or gold tone filter basket. So, obviously, you’re not limited to what you grind the beans in this amazing grinder. If you want to grind them directly into the filter so you can slide it right in the coffee maker as soon as it is done, you can go ahead and do that very easy. With this way, you won’t lose the coffee freshness.

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If you are really an expert and you find that 60 grind settings aren’t enough for you, pluck out the bottom burr to find 10 more micro-adjustments to prepare your divine coffee.

These extra settings allow you to tune each individual setting and, for those that haven’t already done the math, multiply your available grinds to a *ridiculous” 600 different options.

Though it isn’t as easy to change these settings as it with other grinders, it isn’t too difficult either.

A quick note about the coarser grind settings: the Smart Grinder Pro does not perform as well for French press brews. Its coarsest setting isn’t quite what you want for French press, and you will find some stray grounds floating around in your cup, but it performs great for espresso and pour-over.


Stainless Steel Burrs

This Breville coffee grinder contains stainless steel conical burrs. These burrs have been designed to minimize the grinding heat and to protect the oils that are in the coffee beans.

Things to Consider Before Buying ‘The Future of Coffee Grinding’ 

Coffee beans grinders that are longer in the market have built up a reputation of trust that only time can give, and Breville Smart Grinder Pro hasn’t been around long enough.

Apart from being new, this grinder is packed full of attractive features.

It is a very good quality, usability and for an unbelievable price.

Breville wanted to modernize the home grinding experience by creating a coffee beans grinding machine that is intuitive, effective and convenient.

Its easy-to-use features make grinding a breeze for every beginner in the coffee world, while the large number of adjustable options allow it to keep up with the expert coffee lovers.

The most important things to check before you purchase it are:

  • the cost of a grinder with all these features and effectivity
  • how well each one of the features independent performs
  • the robustness off the Grinder

Keeping those three points in mind will help you decide if this is the right coffee beans grinder for you.





  • 600 different grind settings.
  • Affordable on most budgets.
  • Clever and convenient features.


  • Cannot provide a large enough grind for French press.
  • May jam be and wear down at the very lowest grinding settings.


All the Breville Grinder Pro Smart-Features making Grinding very convenient

The hard-to-imagine variety of grinds is remarkable, but the amazing features of Pro doesn’t stop in the grinding one.

Apparently, the designers over at Breville don’t know the meaning of “good enough” because they’ve also packed this little “grinding monster” full of attractive additions to make your morning grind even easier.

It’s as if they tested a standard grinder and then asked themselves what would make each little step even simpler.

They tried to dive into our own damn heads, and they succeeded.

There are quite a few, so I am going to break this section up into smaller chunks:

Dose IQ for the Win and the Electronic Timer

This grinder comes equipped with a “Grind Time” dial, which lets you quickly set the dose amount for each batch.

The electronic timer on the grinder is pretty cool.

With the electronic timer, you will be able to adjust the grind time in 0.2 second increments, which is perfect and the LED screen will show the countdown.

This makes very easy to make a consistent dose of grinded coffee beans each time.

If you don’t want to set a specific time, or don’t yet know which time to choose, you can hold down the start button and the timer will begin counting up from zero.

This makes experimenting with different doses a breeze, as you can see the time for your most successful grinds.

Say you’ve found that perfect dose but now you want to brew up a few more cups for the friends you brought over. Just multiply the grind time by the number of people. It is simple, right?

Regardless of my stance on mathematics, Breville obviously thinks it is a waste of time as well. Enter Dose IQ, which automatically adjusts the dose when you press the “Shots Cups” button.

All you need to do is program in your preferred dose by holding down the dial, and the Pro will remember it. One of the best things about this feature is that it works for every grind category.

You can have a programmed dose for espresso, for pour-over, and for percolator.

Amazing Add-Ons

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro comes with a couple additional pieces to make your life a little bit easier and hands free.

Two different portafilter holders can be attached underneath the grounds’ outlet, one for 50–54 mm portafilters and another for traditional 58mm portafilters.

These extra holders make it easy to keep your portafilter steady and balanced while you grind up a fresh coffee portion for espresso. They are held in place by a magnet, so can be replaced without any hassle.

If you aren’t grinding for espresso, you can leave your grounded coffee beans in the grounds’ container, which has a sealable lid to keep your coffee fresh.

“Hot Buttons” for Quick Control

Underneath the grounds’ outlet, just along the back wall is a little metal button, which is intended for “quick grinds”.

Using either the grounds container or your portafilter, press against and hold the button for an easy dose.

Once you press the button, the amount timer will automatically start counting up and stop as soon as you release it. The “Start | Pause” works the same way.

These hot buttons give you extra control over each grind and quick access to a fresh grind without having to cheat with the timer.

Coffee Bean Capacity and A Hopper that Makes Life Easier

Surely, you’re wondering how much amount of coffee beans this grinder can hold.

It has a 16oz coffee bean capacity and an interesting locking system. The locking system is created for the easy transfer of the bean hopper, removal and storage.

The Pro’s capacity, is more than many other consumer grinders have as I wrote above, but size isn’t the coolest thing about it.

The hopper has a simple release toggle that closes off the bottom and allows you to lift the entire piece away.

Removing the hopper allows you to smoothly change out your beans without creating a mess. It also gives you access to the burrs for cleaning and the 10 extra grind settings.

A Fair Price

This grinder is just a running list of unbelievable coffee lovers.

If you consider its huge number of grind settings and the very convenient features the price of the grinder is very low.

There are grinders in the Market that offer less settings than the Pro that sell for much more.

I wish you good luck finding a machine built with so much care for consumer use at such a price. If the other amazing goodies weren’t a deal sealer for you, the fair price might be.


The Breville Smart Grinder Pro grinds coffee beans for many different beverage sorts including espresso, French press, drip and cold brew. It measures its grounds with repeatable results using a digital timer. It has an attractive stainless-steel design, LCD screen, plus cradles that accept espresso portafilters.

What I found not good enough was it doesn’t have a scale to confirm the amount of grounds it produces. It’s programmable but only for the number of cups or espresso shots you want, not for full pots of drip. You have to continually hold down a button to grind manually.

If individual servings of pour-over or espresso are what you drink, the Breville Smart Grinder Pro might suit your needs, but experienced home baristi are better off buying a kitchen scale and a more affordable manual burr grinder.

The about $200 Breville Smart Grinder Pro (about £160 in the UK, roughly AU$264 in Australia) coffee grinder uses steel burrs to crush beans into coffee grounds suitable for espresso, drip, cold brew and French press. Even so, it’s a little bit complex to operate for absolutely starters, and makes small mistakes when grinding for pots of drip.

The Smart Grinder Pro looks pretty good with its attractive stainless-steel body. It’s compact as well and thanks to a grind container that locks into place care of magnets, the appliance doesn’t make much of a mess. By comparison, both the about $200 Oxo On Barista Brain Conical Burr Grinder and the almost $145 Baratza Encore tend to generate a noticeable amount of leftover coffee remains. (put here links to other grinders too)

The Breville Smart Grinder offers a greater number of grinding settings than those devices, too –

A total of 60 grind sizes, compared with the Encore’s 40 coarseness levels and Barista Brain’s 15 grinding levels, are pretty amazing.

Breville put together a pair of coffee lovers supports, designed to accept two common sizes of espresso portafilters (50-54mm, 58mm) as well. If you own a home espresso machine, these adapters let you grind directly into their portafilters (holder for ground espresso coffee that is attached to a group in an espresso machine to produce espresso).

While there are many different types of coffee grinders to choose from and purchase, this one, in my opinion, should be placed amongst the best.

I can’t imagine a coffee grinder at this price that is better than the Breville CG820BSSXL and it really is a very smart grinder. So, if you’re currently on the look-out for a good grinder, this one right here is highly recommended. It will help you create that fresh cup of coffee you love, every single time for many years to come.

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