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Japanese Watch Company Casio Unveiled their successor to last year’s WSD-F10 watch at this year’s CES. This Smart Watch designed for the Outdoorsman [or women] will run its Apps from the new Android Wear 2.0 operating system.

Casio have been taking not of customer feedback from the WSD-F10 to make an even more impressive smart watch with the Pro Trek WSD-F20.

Compliant with Military standards this is a rugged watch that should perform fine in most outdoor situations. It is also water resistant to 50-meters. Even though this watch comes with a built in microphone Casio confirm that it can deal with outdoor scenarios such as water splashing on it while out kayaking or fishing, wet weather conditions or heavy sweat.

The main selling point of the watch will be its GPS with full color map function. The GPS supports positioning from three different Satellites; US, Japanese and Russian. Even if your smart watch is offline the map can be displayed, you just need to download it in advance.

The watch-face can be displayed in a rich, high-definition color LCD display or in monochrome LCD. Even in direct sunlight the display is easy to see.

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The watch-face can also display various setting depending on your choice such as location, traveler, combination, altitude, world time and a number of other displays.

The face is also made of anti-fouling coated glass this stop the touch panel from becoming dirty and also lessen the chance of fingerprint marks as well.

If you are seriously involved in any outdoor activity this should cater to your needs. If you are kayaking, fishing, trekking or involved in snow sports this should be perfect for all of them.

This Casio smart watch monitors outdoor conditions in real-time. As well as being able to follow maps and travel routes it also shows distances traveled, altitude and barometric data.

The watch also comes with a ‘moment setter’ feature that gives you useful information when needed. For instance it will automatically notify you the time the sunrises. It is also useful for pace management and for motivation.

The Tool Button when pressed displays useful outdoor tools such as the altimeter, compass and barometer.

Keeping track of where your friends are is another excellent feature of the Casio Pro Trek as it shows their current location on the map via GPS. You can also use the Text Messaging Feature with supported voice input to communicate at a distance.

Once the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 is released you can expect to pay around $500 for it. So it will be comparative in price to similar high end outdoor watches from brands such as Garmin. This Smart Watch is due to go on sale late April 2017. With its cutting edge Android Wear 2.0 OS you are going to be wearing the most up to date tech but I am sure that there will be plenty of competition from other brands throughout the year so make sure that you do your homework before buying.

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