Saeco GranBaristo Avanti: Review All what the App of the Automatic Coffee Machine can do

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Today I took the latest and most modern device from Saeco under the microscope:

The GranBaristo Avanti.

Especially I wanted to have the possibility to enjoy playing with the Saeco App. I knew already that I would have a lot of fun with it. And of course I have tried very good coffee “straight” and in a big selection of coffee drink variations.

Saeco GrandBaristo Avanti: Overview

This amazing automatic coffee machine is small and it has a great app!

You can find this amazing automatic coffee machine online and see its latest price in Amazon! (Photo with the stars see example of the test in coffeeness and 2 buttons bellow one with “review” leading here in the review and one with “Price Europe” and “Price USA”or something equal see coffeeness what  they have and translate. )

Saeco GranBaristo  is smart and well designed. It is a fully automatic coffee machine, from which the whole family has something of it. Saeco GranBaristo Avanti is a very coherent coffee machine and an absolute space miracle. It is super elegant, beautiful and small. All coffee variations can be easy and right prepared with the app control, and you can also enjoy playing with the app during creating the coffee drink you love the most. And of course there is something for every taste! I would highly recommend the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti. The espresso and milk froth quality I prepared with this wonder machine convinced me immediately.  This “coffee creator” is the right automatic coffee machine for small families up to 4 persons and for connoisseurs which are enthusiastic about technology and diversity!


  • Super narrow design. It fits in any kitchen and is space saving
  • Very nice stainless steel body in silver
  • Beautiful simple design
  • Well-made, robust and high-quality functionality
  • The whole operation panel is in the front part of the machine
  • With super app control.
  • Up to 6 different user profiles
  • Many adjustment and options
  • Quiet coffee beans grinder, 100% ceramic.
  • Milk carafe with handle
  • Fluffy and fine-pored milk froth
  • It can also be refilled during operation.
  • Very easy to clean


  • The milk system is a little bit loud
  • The milk container is somehow large for the fridge
  • Drip tray is quickly full

Although the normal cup height setting is not intended for larger glasses, I have managed to fill a latte macchiato glass with a little trick. I had to tilt the cup a little bit or to remove the spout. Below I’ll give you few details from my espresso preparing experiences and the grinding levels of the Saeco GranBaristo Avant .  You can find the current fair price here on Amazon.

Now it’s time to inform you about the technical part of this Luxury little Jewell with –the name Saeco GranBaristo Avanti.

Technical data and delivery





Manufacturer Saeco
Name GranBaristo Avanti
Type HD8977/01 with App


Made in

GranBaristo without the Avanti

HD8975/01 without App


Dimensions 210 x 360 x 460 mm
Weight 13 kg
Water filter AquaClean Filter
Brewing unit ✓ Removable
Display ✓ LCD
App Controlled GranBaristo Avanti 
Programmable beverages ✓ 18 (also with the app)
Cup Height Normal 11,5 cm (up to 16,5 cm
with removed spout)
Milk Container ✓ (500 ml carafe with handle)
Milk carafe cleaning ✓ Easy and fast
Water Container 1,7 Liter
Warranty 2 Years



Saeco GranBaristo Avanti HD8977/01

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Saeco HD8977 / 01 GranBaristo Avanti belongs to the top of the Phillips and Saeco coffee makers models (the two manufacturers produce coffee machines together) and this is exactly the model I tested.  GranBaristo Avanti was the first fully automatic coffee machine, which can be controlled by app. I also like to call this device the luxury version of the Saeco Incanto. It can prepare every coffee and coffee drink, it has all the expected functions and is the newest and most expensive model.

Saeco GranBaristo HD8975/01

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Saeco GranBaristo HD8975 / 01 coffee machine is completely identical with the HD8977/01 model, but it has no the app control and the name extension the ‘Avanti’.

Saeco HD8967/01

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The slightly older model Saeco HD8967 / 01 GranBaristo Avanti, has again the integrated app, but no grip on the milk frother. Here you have to pay good attention to the serial number. The most important thing is to distinguish the different types from the series are the name (with Avanti means app, without Avanti without app) and whether the milk container has a handle or not. With a handle it is a milk carafe and without it’s a milk container.

App Controlling

The smart kitchen trends are unstoppable. Here, in this site you can see the latest models and my experiences to the app controlled fully-automatic machines. I am already looking forward to the day, when I can order my first coffee directly in bed by app. At the moment, unfortunately, this feature/function is not existing! But I can absolutely control my espresso preparation and the milk quantities and I can also save my favourite coffee drinks as a favourite choice in my profile. The services of the Saeco Avanti App are very functional and I find the App excellent made. The individual control of your favourite coffee variations by app is, of course, mater of taste.  If you have a suitable tablet or smartphone, you can simply download the Saeco Avanti app free of charge. The coffee app operates very good via Bluetooth. You only have to connect your smartphone or tablet with the machine via your Bluetooth settings. Do not forget to have “ON” the Bluetooth function on the machine and not to give to your neighbor the PIN code of your machine.

Not only Saeco GranBarista Avanti is a coffee machine having an App, but also Siemens EQ 9 ConnectKrups Latte Smart EA 860EJura Z6 and Delonghi Elite ECAM 656.75.MS are also controllable with App.

Espresso coffee preparation with Saeco GranBaristo Avanti

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For a really good espresso coffee, the grinding level (fineness) and the coffee quantity should be set as low as possible. I can repeat this „coffee law“ again and again. With this device I had the finest grinding level and a coffee powder quantity of 30 ml. Then you have an amazing espresso with a full body and a beautiful crema. If you want an even more powerful flavor, you can also make a ristretto. At the GranBaristo Avanti  you will find the Ristretto under special drinks (the cup with the star). It‘s best to use a coffee quantity about 20 ml. During my tests, a little more coffee quantity came out at the end, so I got exactly the quantity of 25 ml. Just as it is for a proper ristretto. To get a really good black coffee, I recommend not the standard program of Caffè Crema, but the preparation of two to three espresso and hot water. With this way you already have a delicious Café Americano.

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